30 Jan, 2015

Learn More. Learn Better. Learn Faster.

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In the age of information, we have many opportunities to learn, but the availability of information doesn’t necessarily translate into learning. Giving yourself the “sustainable competitive advantage” that de Geus refers to requires creating a real culture of learning in your organization. When it comes to marketing, it’s not just about learning faster: It’s about [...]

23 Jan, 2015

Putting Data and Technology to Work

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The first BMA breakfast seminar of 2015, “Dancing with Big Data,” kicked off at the Microsoft Innovation Center in downtown Chicago. Allison Watson, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of U.S. marketing and operations; Jim Carey, adjunct lecturer for Northwestern University’s Integrated Marketing Communications program; and Mike Dwyer, director of talent acquisition at NowSecure, showed attendees how [...]

20 Jan, 2015

Learn the Language of Business

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We are always focused on the need for constant training and education. However, it turns out that one of the biggest needs in the industry isn’t for better communications skills, but rather the need for basic business acumen, especially financial literacy. Last Thursday Ron Culp and Matt Ragas gave a presentation at the BMA Chicago [...]

13 Jan, 2015

Increasing Our Business Acumen: A Career Imperative

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Like many marketing and public relations professionals, writing a book has been on my “bucket list” for most of my career. I actually started writing three or four books over the years, but I didn’t get much past outlining potential chapters and perhaps a few pages of random thoughts. After opening a gourmet coffee store [...]

13 Jan, 2015

Welcome to the BMA Chicago Blog!

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The Business Marketing Association strives to be a leading voice for business-to-business marketers. Our Chicago chapter is the place where B2B marketers in the Chicago area can connect, learn and share ideas, best practices and opportunities. It is in this spirit that I am excited to announce the launch of the BMA Chicago blog. We [...]