31 Mar, 2015

Relevance Is the New Killer App

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Your audience is surrounded by a sea of content that grows wider and deeper every day. You need to get their attention, but as more companies make the move into content marketing, the challenge can seem increasingly daunting. While the volume of content continues to expand, attention spans and available reading time do not. Advances [...]

24 Mar, 2015

How to Protect Your Company From Brand Vandals

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In today’s digital world, engagement isn’t an option. It’s a necessity. Steve Earl, managing director of Zeno Group’s European region, emphasized brands’ vulnerability in the age of the Internet during his presentation at the March BMA breakfast seminar. Earl encouraged attendees to protect their company from “brand vandals.” Earl defines brand vandals as “people who [...]

17 Mar, 2015

Five Essential Tips for Launching a Brand in Five Weeks

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What companies do you think of when you hear the word “united”? Take a moment and think about the top three brands that come to mind. Was United Stationers on that list? Diane Hund, vice president of marketing for United Stationers, asked that very question last week at the March luncheon. The audience responded with [...]

10 Mar, 2015

March 2015 President’s Message

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You must have found a four-leaf clover lately, because today’s your lucky day! BMA Chicago President Brian Krause is here to share the latest additions to the March BMA Chicago calendar. Our schedule is packed with exciting events and meetings over the next few weeks — how’s that for a pot of gold at the [...]

3 Mar, 2015

Confessions of a B2B Brand Geek

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I do consider myself a “brand geek.” If there is such a thing. By that, I don’t mean that I define myself by the brands that I purchase or wear or support. By that, I mean that branding is the single topic that captivates me — no matter the audience or the environment. In fact, [...]