26 Jun, 2015

Google’s Mobilegeddon Two Months Out: Was It an End or a Beginning?

By | June 26th, 2015|B2B Insights|1 Comment

“Mobilegeddon” was the affectionate nickname, but over 60 days after Google’s April 21st release date favoring mobile-friendly sites in their new algorithm, it’s clear that name was more bark than bite. Did you make it or miss it? Either way, there is good news. On February 26th, 2015, Google announced the pending release of an [...]

8 Jun, 2015

Think “Exposure to Closure” for Lead Management Success

By | June 8th, 2015|B2B Insights|0 Comments

Generating a lead and following it to closure is a pretty simple concept. You define your target audience, develop a compelling offer, communicate the offer to your target, they respond, you follow up, and voilà: a sale happens. As you can imagine, in the real world of business-to-business marketing, it quickly becomes more complex. Whether [...]