31 Mar, 2016

Content That Converts: Why the Sales Funnel Is Crucial in Content Planning

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From in-depth attitudinal research to persona development, as a marketer, you’re all over this audience-centric content thing. You know your target, Joe, is a 38-year-old, married-with-two-kids IT director, afraid to make the wrong enterprise software purchase decision. And you have just the information (and product) to help him. But are you crafting valuable content for [...]

16 Mar, 2016

Marketing a Big City Requires Big Shoulders … and Big Ideas

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While every marketing leader views their mission as critical and their role as vital to the success of their enterprise, I think we’d all admit there are challenges … and then there are CHALLENGES. Bringing 55 million visitors to the city of Chicago by 2020 is definitely an all-caps commitment. This is what Lori Healey, [...]