BMA Chicago’s breakfast seminars have started again. First up was a discussion focused on Google’s constant evolution, along with marketers’ ability to stay in the know in order to keep clients relevant and top of mind. Whether you’re a small business owner who sells jewelry or a large corporation that sells software, Google is necessary for everyone in the marketing industry.

Reva MinkoffReva Minkoff, adjunct Loyola faculty and founder of Digital4Startups and DigitalGroundUp, explained how Google plays a key part in running any sort of business. She said, “Google keeps changing the parameters, and they will continue to do so” — and, as a former Google employee, she would know. When one goes to Google, it’s clear that the search campaigns have already changed. For instance, Google allows only the top four ads to be placed on the search page.

In addition to fewer ad placements on Google, clicks are more expensive now. This is good for Google, but not for advertisers, and results in organic results seeing fewer clicks. However, PLA (product listing ads) are showing more frequently, and ad usage on cell phones is up 200%. In Reva’s words, “Google is a mobile-first world now.”

Another transforming feature of Google ads is text ads. Text ads will be expanded to 140 characters in order for marketers to expand upon their product. Along with the extra characters, new ad extensions will help entice more customers. Review extensions are a way for a product and / or company to feature good press within their ad. Marketers will now be able to put an exact quote from good press into their ad.

BMA BreakfastHowever, Reva did offer a few words of advice for using text ads. Complaints have surfaced that text ads are being converted to graphic ads, which tends to lead to Google combining images from similar campaigns. If you are concerned about branding, creating your own ad will prevent images from different campaigns from appearing within your brand.

Here are a few key takeaways from Reva Minkoff’s talk, along with a detailed walk-through of the Google AdWords interface:

  • It’s important to be in the top four ads on Google.
  • Clicks will be more expensive in the future.
  • Character usage will be increased within ads.
  • Review extensions are a key new ad extension, which allows marketers to insert a quote from good press into their ads.
  • Be careful with responsive ads, which can lead to two brands combining into one.

For an entry-level marketing professional to a director of marketing, Reva was able to successfully touch on a few key insights as to how Google makes the world go round for marketers.