BMA Chicago breakfastAs Paul Rand, CEO of Zócalo Group, began his discussion on the ever-evolving social media landscape, one question came to mind: How can B2B marketers shine through the digital dust to connect with business buyers? The answer has three parts: knowing social media’s importance, using the power of precision marketing and recognizing leaders in the B2B social space.

The first step for B2B marketers to connect with business buyers is to learn about the importance of social media. In today’s world, social media has become one of the main ways to entice your client, buyer or customer. Even in the sales world, social media has dramatically shortened the sales cycle. Engaging prospects early on with thought leadership and powerful social content not only helps build your brand, but can also immensely impact the sales process and shorten the sales cycle.

Another key component to making a connection with a business buyer is to know the power of precision marketing. The ability to provide the right insight and content to the right person at the right time, and then to make the right measurement, will lead to successful connections with potential business buyers. For example, in regards to the right time, Paul stated that “3 a.m. is a perfect time to reach out to new mothers via newsletter, email or social sharing because of their babies’ feeding and sleep cycle.” Another prime way to connect with a business buyer is to send a newsletter or email on a Saturday morning, so it won’t get lost among their work emails.

Paul RandThere has never been a better time in commerce to use these precision marketing tactics to become a challenger brand. These brands gain significant traction and competitive advantage against established competitors. An example of a great challenger brand is the Dollar Shave Club. This brand has taken a new and unique approach to influence potential business buyers and consumers by using a sarcastic and funny tone in their promotional videos — and even in the small messages on their products. Business decision-makers now expect personalization in every product, channel and message. The more tailored your message is, the more successful your precision marketing will be.

The final component to successfully connecting with business buyers is knowing the leaders in the B2B social space. There are many new and exciting leaders coming up with different ideas every day in the B2B social space. For example, just recently, Datasift has linked up with LinkedIn. According to AdAge, “The pact lets agencies and others access aggregated audience-level LinkedIn data through an API from DataSift that can be integrated with marketing cloud platforms and agency dashboards to better understand how people interact on LinkedIn — what they share, what they read and what they click.”

Paul successfully answered the main question of how B2B marketers can shine through the digital dust to connect with business buyers. He shared thorough examples, his own personal experiences, and the key insights and strategies Zócalo Group uses to get people talking about and recommending brands.