Key to Achieving Customer Experience: Be Relatable, Shareable and Highly Recommended

As Paul Rand, CEO of Zócalo Group, began his discussion on the ever-evolving social media landscape, one question came to mind: How can B2B marketers shine through the digital dust to connect with business buyers? The answer has three parts: knowing social media’s importance, using the power of precision marketing and recognizing leaders in the [...]

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The Secret to Social Media Marketing Success? Stop Talking.

If you think social media is just a passing trend, Scott Brandt has news for you. Sure, it’s a trend, he says — the way the internet was a trend. And good luck generating leads these days without the internet. As CMO of Sprout Social, the industry-leading social media management platform, Scott knows how important [...]

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Outbound Marketing Through the Lens of an Expert

What do we think of when we think of outbound marketing? Direct mail pieces, social media, billboards and the most terrifying one of all: cold calls. However, thinking in terms of tactics leaves out an essential piece of the ever-evolving marketing and sales puzzle: the sales representatives behind the phone calls. These salespeople begin the [...]

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Modernizing Marketing: Notes from the Field

Modern marketing. What does that mean? Part vision, part reality, part insult (as in “Of course I’m modern…what are you insinuating?”), the life of the modern marketer was discussed and dissected at the November BMA Chicago luncheon by Jay Gaines, VP and group director of marketing executive services at SiriusDecisions. Jay has had his finger [...]

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Don’t Get Lost in the Modernization of Marketing

Image: The Mx Group At the second BMA breakfast of the year, attendees heard from marketer Suzanne Martin, CMO at The Mx Group. In her engaging talk, Suzanne shared how B2B marketers can increase brand awareness, clientele and, essentially, revenue with the help of modernized marketing. With experience spanning both start-ups and well-established [...]

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The No. 1 Sports Club in the World: Manchester United or the Chicago Cubs?

While watching the Cubs (famous for their 108-year frustrated quest for a World Series title) in Game 2 of the NLCS, I sat down to write this blog about another sports team with a long and unique history. They like to call themselves the “No. 1 club in the world" — and, as it turns [...]

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Google Makes the World Go Round, As Told by Reva Minkoff

BMA Chicago’s breakfast seminars have started again. First up was a discussion focused on Google’s constant evolution, along with marketers’ ability to stay in the know in order to keep clients relevant and top of mind. Whether you’re a small business owner who sells jewelry or a large corporation that sells software, Google is necessary [...]

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What a B2B Marketer Can Learn From Harley-Davidson

BMA Chicago kicked off the 2016–2017 season with a luncheon featuring Mark-Hans Richer, the former CMO of Harley-Davidson. The format was part Ted-style talk and part interactive discussion with BMA Chicago President Andrew Miller of Aon. Mark made it clear from the beginning of his talk that he believes in the power of customer perspective. [...]

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BMA Young Professionals: Marketing and Sales’ Happy Marriage

Chicago’s BMA chapter event schedule may be on summer hiatus, but young professional members are just getting started with a series of events designed to help facilitate quality connections and discuss relevant industry topics. The most recent event was a panel event at ContextMedia on the topic of Best Practices and Pitfalls of Sales and [...]

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Why Change and Content Are the Keys to Branding Success

This month’s BMA Chicago luncheon featured Harriet Seitler, CMO of OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network). With over 15 years of experience managing brand reputation and revenue growth, Harriet helped guide the decades-long success of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” launched key brand extensions and brand-positioning campaigns, and oversees all marketing and social media strategies for OWN [...]

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