How to Build (Digital) Friendships That Last

All of our lives, we’ve had our peeps … the group of friends who have been with us through thick and thin. We share stories, opinions and experiences with our friends. They are our biggest promoters, and we in turn are theirs. Technology has opened up new ways to share and be social with our [...]

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The Emerson Story: A Best-seller

The Emerson brand story is 125 years in the making, and is being shared in unique new ways thanks to Kathy Button Bell, Emerson’s chief marketing officer. Kathy spent time with the BMA Chicago audience on Thursday, November 12, sharing the details of the award-winning initiative that leveraged the company’s anniversary celebration to acknowledge alumni, [...]

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Grab the Bull by the Horns: 3 Key Insights About Leading Growth from the Startup World

It always seems that when people are put into situations where they are handed inadequate resources — whether it be time, money or some other limitation, and the more limitations the bigger the long shot — they excel. They “beat the odds.” They succeed. Constraints can have the opposite effect … they can unlock the [...]

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Top 10 Tips for International Exhibiting

Offering 10 tips for international trade shows (directed to the U.S. market) is like offering 10 tips for a happy life with so many variables to consider, but I will do my best to narrow it down to a general point of view. Trade show and event marketing are one of the most expensive components in [...]

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The Evolution of Blogging: 4 Trends in Content Creation

It’s constantly changing. That’s why it’s fun. Content marketing is a never-ending cycle of new tools and new tactics. There is always a new trend to watch, a new person to follow and a new trick to try. As a whole, the business of content is on a slow-moving arc, and when you’ve got your [...]

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What B2B Marketers Can Learn From Infomercials

Not long ago, I had no idea what Pilates was. But after about 15 minutes of a late-night infomercial, it was clear — our family had to have a Pilates machine. Not only did I learn what Pilates is, but I learned why there is no better form of exercise for someone like me. Stretching, [...]

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A Tale of Two Brands: McGladrey Becomes RSM

Andy Bosman is living the (marketer’s) dream. In his role as chief marketing officer at McGladrey, Andy is bringing the power of marketing to the business in a way that few have been able to achieve. He shared his story recently at the October BMA Chicago Marketing Leaders Luncheon Series with a room full of [...]

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George Rafeedie BMA Chicago’s September Breakfast Seminar: Tell Your Own Story

The storytelling about Wednesday's event goes something like this ... On a beautiful early morning, on the first day of fall, at the incredible Loyola Schreiber Center, 25 or so early risers were treated to an informative and lively class from George Rafeedie, Founder of Tell Your Story & CoWorkers. George combined his passion for [...]

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Picture This: It’s a Visual World

By the time you finish reading this, almost 1 million photos will be uploaded to Facebook, and over 1.8 billion photos will be shared online by the end of the day. That’s 1.8 billion a day, every day. Like it or not, society is dominated by visuals created at the push of a button. Now, [...]

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Brent Adamson Kicks Off 2015–16 Lunch Series With Insights Into “The Challenger Customer”

The new season kicked off with energy and insights at the Standard Club in Chicago. Some 200+ attendees were welcomed by Chapter President Jeanine Gaffke as she spoke briefly about member feedback and focusing on a few key initiatives for the upcoming year. These included having a slate of top-notch speakers for the breakfast and [...]

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