The Evolution of Blogging: 4 Trends in Content Creation

It’s constantly changing. That’s why it’s fun. Content marketing is a never-ending cycle of new tools and new tactics. There is always a new trend to watch, a new person to follow and a new trick to try. As a whole, the business of content is on a slow-moving arc, and when you’ve got your [...]

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What B2B Marketers Can Learn From Infomercials

Not long ago, I had no idea what Pilates was. But after about 15 minutes of a late-night infomercial, it was clear — our family had to have a Pilates machine. Not only did I learn what Pilates is, but I learned why there is no better form of exercise for someone like me. Stretching, [...]

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A Tale of Two Brands: McGladrey Becomes RSM

Andy Bosman is living the (marketer’s) dream. In his role as chief marketing officer at McGladrey, Andy is bringing the power of marketing to the business in a way that few have been able to achieve. He shared his story recently at the October BMA Chicago Marketing Leaders Luncheon Series with a room full of [...]

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George Rafeedie BMA Chicago’s September Breakfast Seminar: Tell Your Own Story

The storytelling about Wednesday's event goes something like this ... On a beautiful early morning, on the first day of fall, at the incredible Loyola Schreiber Center, 25 or so early risers were treated to an informative and lively class from George Rafeedie, Founder of Tell Your Story & CoWorkers. George combined his passion for [...]

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Picture This: It’s a Visual World

By the time you finish reading this, almost 1 million photos will be uploaded to Facebook, and over 1.8 billion photos will be shared online by the end of the day. That’s 1.8 billion a day, every day. Like it or not, society is dominated by visuals created at the push of a button. Now, [...]

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Brent Adamson Kicks Off 2015–16 Lunch Series With Insights Into “The Challenger Customer”

The new season kicked off with energy and insights at the Standard Club in Chicago. Some 200+ attendees were welcomed by Chapter President Jeanine Gaffke as she spoke briefly about member feedback and focusing on a few key initiatives for the upcoming year. These included having a slate of top-notch speakers for the breakfast and [...]

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Rebranding for the Future & Beyond

B2B companies opt to rebrand their identity for any number of reasons — to prepare for expanded growth, break into a new market, appeal to a different audience, or simply refresh a brand that’s in danger of losing its relevance in changing times. Whatever the reason, no rebranding process can be considered complete without placing [...]

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Creating SEO-optimized Content That Gets Found, Read and Appreciated

Crafting search-optimized content is essential in marketing today. But much to the chagrin of talented writers and intelligent readers alike, SEO is also having a big impact on the style and substance of copy. Here are five tips to keep in mind to create content that is both optimized and engaging. 1. Make it findable [...]

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Leveraging the Pace of Change: How to Get the Most From Your Long-term Agency Partner

Keeping long-term client relationships fresh takes a lot of effort in today’s business environment. All of us are bombarded by new technologies, ideas and options as we go about our work and personal lives. And let’s be candid, with the quick pace of change in marketing, staying current is a challenge that requires considerable time [...]

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Creating an Effective Launchpad for Your New Product

Introducing a new product or service can fuel growth and boost sales and market share. Yet according to almost any study of product launch success, 60–70 percent of new product launches fail. This is particularly common among mid-sized B2B companies, which — unlike smaller companies and startups that have cultures of innovation and are very nimble, [...]

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